Feel the Fabrics

Feel the Fabrics

If you have ever held an item from SAND Copenhagen in your hands you already know the delicate feel that comes from working with some of the best fabric suppliers. What you can’t feel, but still is nice to know, is that we use fabrics of strong longevity to increase the lifespan of every item. By doing so we wish to reduce waste and save natural resources.

Also, we encourage you to pass on the items, when you have enjoyed them and let others enjoy them too. Upcycle, redo, resell – buy less, buy better.

We have a big heart for Italian fabrics, simply because they are among the best in the world: The hand, the flow, the surfaces, the colors. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are also produced close to the factories that make them into garments and so we don’t need to fly fabrics around the world but can produce everything locally. This saves on emissions and energy, but it also enables us to work with the same suppliers year after year, many of the them family-owned business like ours.

There’s nothing more amazing than to visit the weavers and printers and explore their old archives of colors and patterns, this is the phase we treasure the most, this is where the heart beats a little faster. And this could not be done anywhere else in the world but in North Italy.